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Bretta's Method and Why It Works For Everyone

Learning a foreign language is like learning to speak as a child. It's easier if you are unimpeded by your rationale mind. My advice? Think as a child: keep an open mind and ear. Refrain from self criticism or harsh judgment. Just like a two-year-old, be willing to dive in. Allow yourself to make plenty of mistakes.

Remember: the language of young children is never dignified, but rather carefree. Start by imitating me, not caring too much how it sounds (or feels) to you. If you can do that, if you can plunge in repeating what I say, exaggerating as I do, concentrating on the sounds (which at first are only vaguely associated with any precise meaning), you will find the courage to speak growing by the day. Words will come more and more easily not despite your mistakes but precisely because of them! Of course it does take time, USUALLY MORE  than a year, SOMETIMES less than that. Along the way you will be expressing yourself in Italian and enjoying more and more ease in doing so. The journey towards fluency is one to be savored. Six months to a year from today you will be arriving at a point where the ability to converse in the most beautiful language in the world, will be yours. That is my promise to you and my guarantee.

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